Security Parts

Security Bars to Protect your Investment.


Basic Security Bars

ED-16-BR is a 2" wide 5" long 3/16" thick steel bar. Hardware is included along with a drop forged 1/2" eye bolt. Comes coated in a smooth durable powder coat finish. ED-17 is a 3" wide 3 1/2" long 3/16" thick steel bar. It comes with a forged 1/2"...


Blanking Plate

Our Blanking Plate fits wood cabinets when the bill validator mounting plate has been removed. It comes coated in a durable black wrinkle powder coat finish. 4.73" x 6". Hardware is included.


ED-01 Tee Handle Cover Bar

The SC-01 was designed to fit a standard EC-101 change machine, however, it will fit numerous other machines. This bar is engineered to fit over a T-handle lock and conceal it in a cavity on the back side of the bar. This bar comes coated in a durable...


ED-11-LT & ED-11-HD Lock Tabs

The ED-11 offers great protection for a wide variety of cabinets. The ED-11-LT is made with 1/8" thick steel with a rounded top while the ED-11-HD is made with 3/16" thick steel with a squared top. Both ED-11's are laser cut to eliminate sharp edges and...


ED-110 Cherry Master Security Bar

ED-110 offers great protection for Cherry Master style cabinets. It is designed to reinforce the door and protect the door's vulnerable upper edge. The ED-110 can be customized to specific applications using various bill acceptors, ticket dispensers, and...


ED-111 Up-Closing Security Door

The ED-111 is designed to fit the Stacker, FastTrack and Lighthouse cabinets. This door features cut outs for a single coin slot and bill acceptor, as well as a welded padlock cover. The ED-111 does not fit the Giant Stacker or the Club models. This door...