Security Parts

Security Bars to Protect your Investment.


ED-25 Cabinet Security Bar

The ED-25 can be used on most types of cabinets. It is made from 1/8" thick steel and coated in a durable smooth black powder coat finish. The bar is laser cut to eliminate sharp edges. Eye bolt can be mounted vertically or horizontally.


ED-37 Storm Door

The ED-37 Storm Door is the first generation of the full coverage style doors. It features a covered padlock hasp and is made from 3/16" thick steel. It comes with a 1/2" hardened drop forged eye bolt and is coated in a durable black wrinkle powder coat...


ED-39 Bally Midway Door

The ED-39 door is designed to provide protection for wide coin doors. The ED-39 has a width of approximately 17" and is about 14" tall. It features a welded padlock cover and comes coated in a smooth black powder coat finish. Mounting hardware is...


ED-45 Merit Security Bar

The ED-45 Series offers great protection for the Merit stand up style cabinets. The ED-45-F is engineered to fit the Fusion model while the ED-45 is made to fit the older style of this cabinet. Both bars include mounting hardware and come coated in a...


ED-8/ED-M8 Padlock Protectors

ED-8 and ED-M8 offer protection for many different applications.The ED-8 is 3/16" thick and available with a round, double D, square hole, or double D with 1/2" eyebolt.The ED-M8 is 1/8" thick and available only with a round hole.Both bars include...